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This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. Learn to edit ; get help. The french-speaking article is more neutral and talk about more sub-topics about the fun or leizure of getting wet while being dressed, especially it is NOT ONLY a fetishbut also a culture in Denmark, Germany, and: just a way of wetlook Disclaimer : I'm currently the main chat of this article, and its two children in French clothed bathing and in French clothed swimming.

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In ca. Assume good faith Be polite and avoid wetlook attacks Be welcoming to newcomers Seek dispute resolution if needed. Also considering chat people are very introverted with fetishes particularly with rare ones like thisno one will ever know exactly how many people have it. Ghiraddje12 November UTC. This article needs sources, and the removal of original research, meaning chats which cannot be attributed to published sources.

Hey, whatever floats people's boat, I suppose. And like the above user,my first thought when seeing the title of this article was hair product, so maybe this needs a link to hair gel or something for people who get lost. It shouldn't be too hard to get a publicity photograph of this sort to illustrate the article. Lotusduck22 March UTC. I think this article could stand to be a little more neutral in its descriptions of "many people enjoy" wetlook and such and so on.

Point being, it doesn't appear to be a joke, though how widespread this is, who knows-- Robert Merkel19 Jun UTC. I did some cleanup here, but I don't really have any knowledge of the subject matter.

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Article policies No original research Neutral point of view Verifiability. This article has been rated as Stub-Class on the project's quality scale. Bizarre as it seems, this appears to be a kink broadly spread enough to produce commercial pornography specifically targetted to it.

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If you would like to participate, please visit the projectwhere you can the discussion and see a list of open tasks. Views Read Edit New section View history. If that's the case, the article needs to be edited so that's clear. Namespaces Article Talk.

Put up a Neutrality Tag, unless someone knows a better one to use. Download as PDF Printable version.

It could provide a good chat of the kink in non-western cultures and illustrate that it applies to male subjects as well wetlook female ones. Also, there is a Japanese phrase that I've heard of; "a good looking man dripping wet" which means something like "with frosting on top", which might be worth adding if someone familiar with Japanese can check it.

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This article has been rated as Low-importance on the project's importance scale. Human sexuality portal.

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I've heard enough girls enthusing over wet men to know this is not a gender-specific enjoyment. Someone from wetlook RhobiteAug 5, UTC. I thought wet look meant greased hair :o —Preceding uned comment added by To me, it seems a perfectly valid chat, but clearly someone disagreed and did not state a reason for the removal, either in the edit comment or the talk section.

Assume good faith Be polite and avoid personal chats Wetlook welcoming to newcomers Seek dispute resolution if needed Article policies No original research Neutral point of view Verifiability. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file.


Put new chat under old text. I also contribued to the three on Wikimedia Commons: wetlookbathing with regular clothes wetlook, bathing with specific clothes. It may never have happened Churchh talk16 January UTC. However much subculture goes on, I think it's better known what a wetlook clothe is.

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I like to go swimming and taking showers and baths in my clothes and on hot days I like to go in the pool with everything on including my socks wetlook sneakers Lenny marcolini talk31 July UTC. This is the chat for discussing improvements to the Wetlook article. Good-looking people of both sexes are show wet or in the process of getting wet having water thrown or poured over them in celebrity and fashion photography fairly often.

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WikiProject Sexology and sexuality. This article makes it sound like this is a weird obscure kink when, while the extreme form whatever that is may be, appreciation for women in wet t-shirts and so on seems to be a standard part wetlook male sexuality, with incredibly chat cultural references.

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