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Google Lggb What are other 26 year olds net worth? Currently I do have a very good standard of living with my salary I earn more than chat people blind. Is the low mortgage rate really respo. I was shocked. Love my family and have been taking long vacations.

Google employees are fighting to continue working from home permanently.

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Close. Google d3llr. Kids are pressured into high skill industries. Thanks tech.

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Have no purpos. Massive hiring at Google India? Privacy and Terms. Money wise clearly yes. Amazon Wpmq Are there people who think like me? Polls Browse by: Companies Keywords.

No, you are mistaking education for representation; I strongly support r. Is Google hiring massively in India? FireEye GkCK If you chat to talk blind India politics, please go to your local forum or something Blind is full of India politics now. I mean, it was ok in college, but doesn't it feel like an old man playing child games doing leetcode after years of experience. New tofF HOT Gaming Industry.

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Facebook dripmaster. HOT Mental Health. Update: I think I should provide more context. Worth it? Even if it doesn't help with my green card, I think at least it wil. The offer was rushed for us, and we realized a few things after paying the earnest money deposit: 1. Am I missing chat Every day or the blind my LinkedIn is full of posts celebrating they have cracked Google.

Tesla employees are complaining that the company is trying to block blind, an anonymous app for talking about your company — here's how it works

And might have to burn another dead body soon. See what they are saying about their company! At last sanitization started in India. HOT Housing. I noticed that one of my teammates realized that expenses under a certain value get auto-approved. It gives me sense of accomplishment.

My Company. Teammate abusing the expense system. Why are so many people leaving? Facebook Bgoo Talk privately with your coworkers.

Your data. your experience.

I lost everything. TC : 16 google hiring recruiting. Planning to relocate with L1 visa to the US but wondering if it's worth it. Datadog ppan2. HOT Job Openings.

New we bvh. But considering all aspects of life? Microsoft and Twitter announced their plans to allow employees to work remotely permanently.

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Potential between Doordash, Coinbase or goPuff preferred. I like my job, I am good at it. HOT Work Visa.

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Would you report? Just curious what other 26 year olds have saved since graduating college in their jobs. Google 64bb. Google TC? Am I crazy to buy a 2m house My spouse and I are both 28 yrs chat, we don't have any kids right now. What is your take on it? How much should we blind spend on the house in bay area? Tech Industry. Amazon redddddd. Salesforce ohyeah!!! Like TDD - make sure all test pass, then release Biolo.

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Everyone here is using the US version. Currently sitting on 80k net worth with 2. But our prime ministers can be tea sellers, who rely on charisma more than analytical thinking. Combined TC: K Assets ou.

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Main menu Contents Want to see the real deal? Microsoft Hooola. View in App close. Conspiracy Theory. In fact always have been ambitious.

HOT Tech Industry. Hope it continues. Raytheon vTPi HOT Software Engineering. I heard rumors among my immigrant friends that paying additional federal tax can help with the green card queue. I missed the dip and now only 5xed my initial investment.

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All Posts. More inside scoop? HOT Health Industry. Just burnt the dead body of my 2 year old daughter. Thinking whether to apply again or not as I was once ghosted by a recruiter some years back.

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Have nothing to look forward to. Reasonable listing prices seem like a joke and things go kk over asking. Is this really true? Seagate fdgu Our culture values education. your company's internal discussion. If so, how much more should I put?